About us

About Us

HIPA was established in 2015. The name of HIPA was come up in our CEO Joe Gong’ mind with the faith of offering OEM quality parts and affordable price. With all the efforts we made,  we believe HIPA will provide our customers the best customer service and technical support.

HIPA History

2020 year
Our goals:
Serve 1 million buyers / 2 million orders / 3 million items shipments


Corporate Culture:
Goal oriented,
Professional product and customer service,
Brave in exceeding,
Happy to challenge new things,
Efficient team cooperation
All employees tried their best to better the company.

Found hipa360.com
Sales exceeded $6 million in half year.
Over 50 staff
Joe became two babies’ father
Joe joined Facebook. ID: Joe Gong


HIPA reached the goal of $5 million in annual sales. Meanwhile, we are proud to become the NO.1 seller on Amazon in Patio, Lawn & Garden Parts & Accessories category. And eBay customer feedback hit 50,000 in Patio, Lawn & Garden Parts & Accessories category.
New OEM factory partners: Dali, Kei Hin.

Expanded the business on Amazon, Ali Express and Alibaba.
New OEM factory partners: Huayi, Hualong.
HIPA was born.

From 2014, Joe cooperated with more OEM factories, such as Ruixing and Yinlong, large-scale carburetor manufacturers for general gasoline engines. He chose USA and UK warehose in order to provide faster shipping to our customer. In the same year, Joe required all employees to learn more machinery knowledges and higher standard of the product quality.

With one year experience selling on eBay, Joe applied for Hipa brand to offer power equipment parts for Chainsaw, Trimmer, Lawn mover and so on. Because he found the parts for motor, gas power machines and outdoor machines are limited to select from eBay. He tried to cooperate with Chinese factories and listes more replacement parts for sale at a more affordable price.

As time went by, more and more buyers messaged Joe and asked for help. So Joe made his decision in focusing on outdoor power equipment parts and tools. He felt he enjoyed providing better and better customer serice on his way to become a professional seller in this market.

In 2012, Joe Gong has been a soft engineer since graduation from university. He is  an extremely energetic guy and enjoys many of his hobbies. No longer after he found himself interested in selling on eBay, he quit his job and started his own business.